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Jayce Martin
Jayce Martin
Needed a new roof. The owner was very nice and got my insurance to pay for it. Super happy and will use them again in the future.
Josie Alexander
Josie Alexander
Couldn’t recommend more. Ramiro was responsive, knowledgeable, and was able to get my roof completed in only one business day with the best pricing around. Super happy with the quality and turning this unfortunate experience into a great one.
lilly Iboro
lilly Iboro
The very best roofing company in Houston. I am so thankful that I got them to do my roofing. The cost was very reasonable. They completed in a day. The contractor has a very good personality, will listen and work with you. Also they do other stuff like painting, which I ask them to paint the exterior of the house. No regret. Excellent job!!! No paint spilled. I will use them again. 110% recommended. You won’t regret.
Dylan LaFour
Dylan LaFour
Honest and helpful!!! I cannot say enough good things about Reality Roofing. Early in the process Ramiro helped me work with the insurance company to try to maximize my coverage. He met the adjuster when he came out to inspect..I felt like I had a knowledgeable advocate. He helped review all of my paperwork, set up financing, and got my job on his calendar quickly. I appreciated also that he had a very organized invoicing and scheduling system so that everything was quick and easy. And he never made me feel pressured to do more than was needed. His crew arrived exactly when he said they would and got right to work. They kept the work site neat and finished the job in 1 day and carefully cleaned up afterward. They checked all the boxes for me and I highly recommend them.
Wonderful experience with Reality, especially Ramiro Cortina, he is an awesome young man, enjoyable to visit with, always upfront on the job, very attentive. A young man that loves his job, family and God. He has expertly guided our family through the process of having our roof replaced due to hail damage.
Nelly Cano
Nelly Cano
Reality Roofing were professional, no-nonsense, honest and reliable. The job was done quoted, started and completed and were involved with my insurance agent with trust and integrity foremost. Roof was completed in one day, covered landscape and cleaned up afterwards as of nothing had happened. Reality roof has also assisted in home repairs. I highly trust and recommend this company.
Taj Kasem
Taj Kasem
Highly recommended!! Great work! Very friendly and very professional. I was thoroughly impressed by the service provided by Reality Roofing. They were professional, reliable, and responsive throughout the duration of my roof replacement. They cleaned up thoroughly and was very careful and respectful to my home! They offered gold standard customer service! Great job guys!
Oscar Rodriguez
Oscar Rodriguez
Reality roofing helped rebuild my parents roof after hurricane Harvey. Not only did they do a quick and great job, but Hector did a great job and making sure the job was done in a timely manner. Till this day we have not had to worry about any leakage despite the hail we had not too long ago. Highly recommend them and they offer affordable price. They're also bilingual which made it easy for my parents to communicate with him.


Whenever your roofing is exposed to an emergency, you’re at risk of further house damages, which is partially why roofing emergencies are so unpleasant. The professionals at Reality Roofing and Construction can assist you with affordable, along with fast emergency roof repair in Houston, TX and the nearby areas. As local roofers, we are passionate about assisting this city with roof solutions of all types.
Contact our crew at  713-294-3404 for all of your roof repair and replacement needs, and learn how we can serve you now!


Your home can be damaged all at once when a hail storm rolls through unexpectedly. In order to protect your property from hail, your roofing gets the majority of the damage from hail hits. Whether you have a shingle, metal, or another type of roof, this may mean that your house is left open to harm due to the wear your roofing material receives. Keep your home defended from more storm damage by getting roof hail damage repair as soon as possible. The defense for your home is revitalized and your roof is reinforced through the roof hail damage repair processes. Reality Roofing gives you first-rate repairs for your roofing and the best materials to make sure you get the protection you require.
hail damage repairs


If a hail damaged roof is not repaired, the following can happen:

☑️ Water leaks. Hail can damage or remove shingles, exposing the underlying roof deck to the elements. This can lead to water leaks, which can cause damage to the interior of your home, including your ceilings, walls, and floors. Water damage can also lead to mold and mildew growth, which can pose health risks to your family.

☑️ Structural damage. Hail can also damage the underlying structure of your roof, such as the trusses and rafters. This can weaken the roof and make it more susceptible to collapse, especially in severe weather conditions.

☑️ Energy loss. A damaged roof can also make your home less energy-efficient. This is because the heat and cool air in your home can escape through the damaged areas. As a result, you may have to use more energy to heat and cool your home, which can increase your energy bills.

☑️ Reduced curb appeal. A hail damaged roof can also make your home look less attractive. This can make it more difficult to sell your home in the future.

☑️ In addition to these problems, ignoring hail damage to your roof can also void your homeowners insurance policy. This means that if your roof is damaged by a storm in the future, your insurance company may not cover the cost of repairs.

For all of these reasons, it is important to have your roof inspected and repaired as soon as possible after hail damage occurs.
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We guarantee our workmanship in writing.
We have over 30 years of combined experience with a 5 star rating
We are committed to safety. Our fully insured roofers place the highest emphasis on workplace safety.
We use high quality materials. For example, our GAF Shingles come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.



We know how chaotic and hectic it can be to try and find a storm retoration contractor who you can trust. We stick to the rigid building codes that our industry follows so that your roof not only looks good, but is safe as well.
As soon as you notice problems after a storm, you should call us, and we’ll respond quickly. Before starting any repairs or replacements, we’ll make a thorough assessment of the damage. We don’t look only at the most obvious problems; we also check if there are more subtle issues that could become much worse down the road. The costs largely depend on the nature and scope of the damage and on the replacement materials you need.
After assessing the damage to your home, we can discuss your insurance coverage. Insurance policies vary, and it’s important to review the fine print and see what applies to your situation. There are also additional financing options to pay for what your insurance may not cover. Our goal is to restore your home, reduce your stress levels, and make it as easy as possible for you to obtain the services you need.
Along with obvious damage, such as dangling sections of gutter or shingles that have blown away, your home may be suffering from damage that isn’t as noticeable. The signs include paint that has suddenly started peeling, musty odors that have sprung up, new growths of mold, and looseness or softness in the siding. Many times, the damage is a result of water intrusion into your home. In our assessments for insurance companies, we make sure to include details about all forms of damage.
We make every reasonable effort to make our repairs blend in with the rest of your home. For example, if we’re replacing broken shingles, we pick new ones that match as closely as possible in color and texture. However, if the damage is extensive, you may need an entire replacement of a roof or siding. In that situation, you may opt for new choices. Maybe you want a different roof material or a different color or style for the siding.
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